1. Do the doors come sanded?

Yes, all Belmont Doors come to you sanded to a final 280 Grit sanding.

2. Do you offer discounts to contractors?

Yes, please call us at +1-905-282-1722

3. Can I get a different panel on the raised panel doors?

Yes, you can interchange panels on most of the raised panel doors.

4. Can I get a different outside lip on the doors?

Yes, you can add any outside lip or simply have a square edge on most.

5. Do you make wood doors?

No, we only make 1 piece MDF doors.

6. Are your doors all one piece?

Yes, all of our doors are cut from 1 piece of MDF material

7. Do you make HDF doors?

No, MDF is the proper material used for our doors.

8. Do you paint?

No, we do offer priming, but we do not paint the final coat of paint.

9. What are your steps in priming?

We prime 2 coats front and 1 coat back with sanding in between front coats on RAW material. On White Melamine back material we prime 2 coats on the front only, unless otherwise specified.

10. Do you offer RUSH service?

Yes, if our schedule permits – please call us at +1-905-282-1722 to confirm Rush Order Availability and your Due Date before selecting and paying Rush Order – Rush Orders are subject to 25% addition/item.

11. Do you deliver for free?

We deliver orders prepaid and billed. Prices differ due to weight of orders, sizes of doors, if skid is required and distance. We cannot quote on shipping until we have the final number of packages and final weight and shipment specifications, (ie. Skid size, LTL shipments, residential deliveries, etc.)

12. Can I pick up my order?

Yes, we are open for pick up Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 3pm – Excluding statutory holidays. Please call+1-905-282-1722 for our extended Holiday hours in late December and early January.

13. Do you sell directly to the home owner?

We do, but you must remember that there are steps to installing our doors that require a professionals’ expertise.

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